About Products

Authentic Products?

100% Authentic Guarantee.All products import from brand's official distributor.

Brand New Products?

All the product we sale are brand new.

Why don't I see this fishing reel in local?

Brands launch different product lines for different countries. We noticed Shimano US product line are very different from Australia's product line.

Same model reel but different parameters?

Many model of reels may be updated with new version every year. Old and new versions we sale at the same time. For example, SHIMANO STRADIC SW has 19 STRADIC SW 10000 in 2019, and 21 STRADIC SW10000 in 2021. Their parameters are not exactly the same.

Product Description

Due to rapid updates of the reels version, if there is any error in the product description, please subject to the specs of brand manufacturer.