Localized Fulfillment

New option - cross border shopping

More and more people are opting for cross-border shopping.

Due to:

  • Better price.
  • More model options.
  • HIT models available.

But,the problem is warranty

It is difficult for the buyer to return an item if not satisfied. They have to send back to oversea.

This means:

  • Pay the expensive international shipping cost;
  • It takes a long time.

Otherwise, you can only wrong yourself to keep it.

You shop oversea,We do warranty locally

Localized Warranty Fulfillment allows us to implement our warranty and help our customers on save shipping costs on returns.

Simply send the return to our local Authorized storage Center if you need return it.


How dose it work?

We set up authorized storage centers in your country. When you return an item, just send it locally and not abroad.

LOCALIZATION make our warranty

  • Feasible
  • Responsible
  • Guarantee be true


Return never so easy!

We fulfill the warranty locally ,make your return:
  • More feasible
  • Cheaper.
  • Easier.
  • Faster