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We're serious at fishing not scammers

29 Jan 2024
We, like you, despise scammers. Contemporary business practices are built on the foundation of trust, and scammers exploit our trust, undermining relationships between people.
We are not scammers.
When establishing our website, we underwent compliance checks by Shopify, Google Pay, and PayPal.
We efficiently handle storage and flights for prompt delivery within New Zealand.
Throughout 2023, we successfully delivered goods for all orders from New Zealand without any complaints. Our business, akin to Amazon, involves cross-border shopping.
Thanks to New Zealand's participation in international trade agreements, many products enter the country duty-free.
We maintain competitive pricing and look forward to your orders. Perhaps, through a small order, we can better understand each other.
In 2024, we plan to establish dedicated market and after-sales service positions in New Zealand.
Additionally, we conduct extensive product testing to continuously improve our product line. Connect with us on Facebook in person ; we look forward to direct dialogue for mutual understanding.
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